Sad truth

My dad sent me a text that was like “haha maybe you’ll get a snow day HAHA JUST KIDDING ADULTS DON’T HAVE SNOW DAYS.”

… :(


Paper Love

being on tumblr just makes me want to re-decorate my room :o

can’t stop, won’t stop

Soooo…I just rejoined tumblr and an unfortunate (for the bf) side effect is I’ve been sending him tons of funny images and then staring at him expectantly. When he casually browses through them and only barely cracks a smile, I’m all, WHERE IS THE UPROARIOUS LAUGHTER? ACKNOWLEDGE MY SENSE OF HUMOR and then I’m actually a little mad at him for a few minutes. >.>



Art by Cyril Rolando

I feel like this really expresses each instrument.

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Wang Yue calls the tree-hole paintings “meitu” which means “beautiful journey.” The paintings on the trees have brightened the city during the dull, grey winter.

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This is a significantly bigger problem than vagina dentata.

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Bing Wright

Broken Mirror / Evening Sky , 2012


Daniel Arsham.

Owl, 2009

Kangaroo, 2010

Ostrich, 2010

Fox, 2010

Surreal illustrations that remind me a bit of Device 6 — which is an awesome iOS game you should check out if you haven’t already.


Marina Dieul - Bacchante. Oil on Linen, diameter 36”

[Curator’s Monday with fer1972]

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