a hundred days of shoegaze

Yesterday was our 백일.  Yay, 백일!

백일, literally “a hundred days,” is a big thing only in Korea.  Supposedly, if you can make it 100 days in a relationship, then the relationship will last.  Or something.  I think it’s just an excuse to buy shit and be sappy.

Quotes from this morning that explain basically what happened last night:

Shoegaze:  What do you mean you don’t remember making out in the 노래방?


Me:  Oh my god.  I can’t believe I fell down in front of the barstaff.

Shoegaze:  Well, it was our 백일.  What else do they expect us to do besides get wasted?

Me:  Shoegaze, that’s not standard 백일 protocol!  We’re supposed to go eat Italian food and gaze soulfully into each other’s eyes!

And so on and so forth.  We just had 고기 and drank a gazillion long island iced teas.  We met this old ajusshi with aviators on, who was extremely cheerful and drunk.  He gave us a bunch of shots of whiskey and secretly paid for our bill.

"HAPPY 백일!!"  he exclaimed.

He also went around, pointing at me (“Made in Taiwan!”), Shoegaze (“Made in America!”), the guy sitting next to us who gave us free coffee (“Made in Busan!”) and himself (“Made in Itaewon!”).  The whole time, his wife was sitting next to him, cackling madly and drinking something fruity.  What a strange night.  I don’t remember most of it.  Yay, 백일! 

Drunken mess aside, Shoegaze and I will be going to Busan on Thursday to celebrate our Hundred Days more properly.  There will probably be pillow fights.  Maybe.

Updates on my move to the border of North Korea to come later.  


  1. gayforbestresults said: awww cute! congrats! I feel like I’ve been reading about shoegaze for way more than 100 days. haha. is there a post about your first date or how you met? ^_^
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