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guys, guys

I suck at blogathons! :( Sorry. I tried my best.

In other news, I had an upsetting start to the morning as I read about sexism on the Internet; specifically, the recent hullabaloo over Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter project about sexist tropes in video games. And, of course, as several sources reported, the hordes of trolls came rushing out of Mordor to threaten, demean, and taunt her for even attempting to voice an opinion about women and games. WARNING: TRIGGERS ABOUND in the news articles above.

The most depressing article I read was on The Mary Sue, mostly because the comments were full of women commiserating, talking about how hard it is to play online, and swapping tips on how to deal with comments like the usual, “Tits or GTFO,” and so on. Blergh.

From there, I link-hopped over to a CNN article about brogrammers.

The most hilarious part of the “brogrammers” article is when Path executive Matt Van Horn got some heat for bragging about sending  “‘bikini shots’ from a ‘nudie calendar,’” he backtracked and said:

…the calendar he mentioned was, in fact, a college charity project to aid tsunami victims in Southeast Asia and featured both male and female models.

Nice try, bro.


On a happier note, BF and I are planning to run away for a month to New Orleans. It will be a working vacation full of brainstorming and booze, or something like that. More brainstorming than booze, hopefully. 

I’m just trying to chug through the rest of my June projects in the meantime, and hoping that nothing goes horribly awry. I badly need to get away for a little bit, so I think the change of scenery will do me good. 

Speaking of change, I dyed my hair purple!

Finally. My dreams of being an anime character have been realized.

Plz to ignore the scruffiness of my hair; I’d just gotten out of the shower.

It’s so early! Wake me up when it’s July. 


Fifteen People You’ll See At Every Video Game/Comic/Nerd Convention

Lol @ “weirded-out security guards.” That reminds me of how I took Tiny Little Sister to a K-pop star audition, and once everyone went inside, I asked the security guard how long he thought the audition would take. He was like “Shit, man, I dunno how long these people are gonna take…probably until 11 PM or something…Wtf is a ‘K-pop star’ anyway??” 

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"Dinner is ready!".

“Dinner is ready!”.


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then there was that time when i kept getting killed by pandas…

xiameeway replied to your post: DotA? DotA?

Wait, one of my Tumblr buddies plays DotA? Why was I not informed?

I do play DotA, but not very well.  I’m better at Starcraft, but only slightly.  To give you an idea of how bad I am at DotA, this is how a usual DotA game goes:

Me, alone, at the bottom righthand corner of the map: AHAHA Yes, creeps, let’s go get them.  Look, guys, I took down a tower!  

Teammates, having killed several heroes by now: … …

Me: ^-^V

Teammates: OTL

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